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LAM Sites in the cloud and at home in Alaska.

LAM Sites in the cloud and at home in Alaska.

LAMurakami GitHub Pages Blog

DDNS lamurakami lam1 lam2 lam1ak larryforalaska and more

These sites use Dynamic Domain Name Services to allow servers that get a dynamically assigned IP Address to "check in" as the server for sets of virtual hosts.

lamurakami.duckdns.org - Linux Apache MariaDB in the cloud.

lam1.duckdns.org - Linux Apache MariaDB in the cloud.

This instance is the main testing instance. Upgrades and changes to the aws server are tested before being applied to the main server instance.

lam2.duckdns.org - SSH SOCKS5 Proxy in the cloud.

AWS S3 in the cloud as a custom domain name static website.

  CNAME target of s3.LAM1.us

  CNAME target of s3.LAMurakami.com

  CNAME target of s3.LarryMurakami.com

  CNAME target of s3.LarryForAlaska.com

A static website in Europe

Some static GitHub Pages websites

lam1ak.duckdns.org - Linux Apache MariaDB at home in Alaska.

larryforalaska.duckdns.org - CNAME target of LarryForAlaska

One server, many virtual hosts

Each server may serve many virtual hosts through a variety of means. Multiple domains may be configured so that almost all subdomains point to the same address.

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