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This is the About subdirectory of the public_html directory of BlinkenShell user lam nickname The_One's ${HOME} directory.

BlinkenShell - Free Shell Accounts

personal web pages

The ability to post personal web pages at BlinkenShell is included in the Free Shell Accounts they offer. Free Shell Accounts have a 100 MB Disk Quota and Supporter Accounts have a 1 GB quota.

I have given BlinkenShell users read access to ~lam/public_html

If you have a BlinkenShell Account you have read access to the DocumentRoot of this website at ~lam/public_html or /home/lam/public_html including the HEADER.html FOOTER.html and .htaccess files which are not listed in the above directory listing. You also have access to the hidden RCS directory and rcs archives within. The rcs command was not installed in my default path on triton when I got on and you can also access the rcs commands, info and help I built. To do so you would modify your environment with the following:
PATH=${PATH}:~lam/bin ; export PATH
MANPATH=${MANPATH}:~lam/share/man ; export MANPATH
INFOPATH=${INFOPATH}:~lam/share/info ; export INFOPATH
Once you have executed the above you can access the commands and the documentation. The rcs command has both a man page and info file that can be accessed with:
info rcs
man rcs

I built rcs on triton on 10/28/2016

If you want to see the output of the wget, tar, configure, make, and make install commands used to install rcs from source you can look at on triton it with:
less ~lam/src/rcs-5.9.4/wrk/*txt
The source directory only uses up 3 MB but since I only have a 100 MB quota so I don't have room to leave things I don't need.

I made ~lam/public_html a git repository on Sunday June 21, 2020

You could clone this on triton with:
git clone ~lam/public_html
You can examine the log on triton with:
cd ~lam/public_html
git log
You can use git status|diff and other commands that require only read access.

I uploaded to a public GitHub Repo: https://github.com/LAMurakami/blinkenshell#readme

I run an AWS t3.nano instance rather than pay for a Supporter account.

A BlinkenShell Supporter Account increases the Disk Quota to 1GB, supports a custom domain, allows dynamic web pages with PHP or CGI and MySQL and more but costs 300 Swedish Krona ($31.20 USD) per year. I am running an AWS server for $17.00 / year plus storage and network costs. The total costs based on my current usage is less than the BlinkenShell Supporter Account costs and the first year, starting December 2017, was part of the AWS Free-Tier.

As of Tuesday, May 19, 2020 I have had my BlinkenShell account for more than three years and at least one aws instance running for more than two years.

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